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the impossibilty of being apolitical

There are those in this world who claim that they are pacific and non-aligned otherwise known as apolitical. They walk about claiming that they are devoid of any political will or feeling.

However I will say let’s not mistake a lack of direct commitment to a supposed cause for not taking a stance on something. Because even choosing not to be involved is in itself a political stance. In effect the moment you have an opinion different to someone else it is political, whether u like it or not.

So yes I will have shoes thrown at me by those who claim apathy and of course Jehovah’s Witnesses who say they are no part of this world. As a force of habit for the sake that I might get shot with an uncomfortable dose of leprosy that might end up with a certain appendage falling off. And we just cant have that. Not at this stage in life and not at the next one ever. The fun that it comes with is just too good.

So in the uncomfortable realities are hard. The fact that you sitting there, whether you like it or not form part o a political consensus. Whether you like it or not you are stuck there. Left right middle or whatever you belong to a gang whenever you form an opinion.

So we will always be victims of the circus they call politics. Maybe death with all its destruction will bring a tonic that is less maddening but then again, that can be political.