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the hand of titus holding the Zimbabwean shovel

Now every so often I am going to put a random title up for people to get lost a bit. It’s like me writing this blog for real interest and less  about pastoral, populist stuff. Screaming headlines like deal done or maybe even, well the Lehman brothers thing. But that was a bit silly. One hundred and fifty eight years and somehow you manage to mess it up. Mind you having George Bush as president didn’t help and he has to be worse than Robert Mugabe. Mind you I am not sure that ol’ Bobby is that bad to be honest. 

So it is three days since the signing of the agreement between the three parties in Zimbabwe and well we still wait for news on the make-up of cabinet. It should be interesting and there have been some ambitious documents that have been mischievously passed around. It should be interesting i tell you.
What we can say is that there is cautious optimism in the air and people are ready for something to happen. The prime minister says he can rally support from the international community and that we won’t be kicking and screaming soon. I think it is down to whether these two blokes can work together and how long it will be before Arthur Mutambara runs for prime minister…
Now if you’re waiting for what the thing with the title meant something more. That titus was some clever thing going on… you’re right. I just don’t remember it too well right now.

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