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The grave concerns of a lost bullet

When I was by conservative estimates significantly younger than I am now I was led to believe all manner of things for the sake of my supposed safety. It was all mired in the unknown woven in the cloak and dagger of superstition. This state was allowed to continue until I was old enough to decide that indeed my own mother had lied to me. Of course, in spite of these having defined the very person that we become we are often very forgiven of those who chose to guide us by by blindfolding us to the realities of the world.

Now before I am mistaken for Marshall Mathers, it must be noted without any equivocation that I am not by any stretch of the imagination taken to the school of thought that heralds hatred of one’s own mother. No, that is too taxing a vocation to be engaged in and put together with my often taking pot shots at Hillary Rodham Clinton, it might have me classified as a misogynist. Now that should scare a few people save for me but it hardly makes for good reading does it?

But I digress, because my grave concerns have nothing to do with my mother lying to me. It has to do with what we cling to when we think the world is about to fall apart. The security that lies in the familiar things.

It becomes like a stray bullet that caught in some tree somewhere when it was aimed at the heart of villain. When someone discovers it later, they will not know the story and they will manufacture the thing that creates the security that is best for them. it has nothing to do with the original sin and is almost like an interpretation that is born within the bosom of metaphysical speculation.

What am I saying? Someone, somewhere just cocked a gun and dared me to say it. While I have a lot more spine than SADC when dealing with the honourable old man of Zimbabwe whose name is too sacred to say, I choose to coat my words with my usual spread of satire. But maybe not.

How much of who we are is systematic and how much is accidental? In short are we really in control or does Dr Phil and his ilk have that much of a hold over us. Children these days children are brought up by www.bring-your-child-up-our=way-so-that-he/she/it-doesnt-become-a-child-molester-terrorist-etc.com.
It is almost ridiculous when you think about it. Each expert says their way is the right one and mothers who are becoming younger and less married by the day are desperate for this dosage of supposed help.

Alas… maybe my mother lying to me was a lot healthier. Now about that bullet…

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