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The fuss about Lockerbie

Now let it be said, before I get myself lynched, tarred and of course feathered I have the deepest sympathy for the families who lost their loved ones in the bombing over Lockerbie.

So with that out of the way, there is a big noise being made about one of the convicted bombers being released on compassionate grounds. A bunch of senators have written to the scottish justice minister saying that the agreement to have him detained there as part of an internationally brokered agreement and therefore meaning that the scots could not release him unilaterally.

It follows a new trend in compassionate release of high profile crims. Shabir Schaik, Jacob Zuma’s favourite accountant and broker walked out terminally ill, but is riding the streets of Durban. Ronald Biggs is also out but he is virtually on life support.

So what is the fuss about this Lybian guy? After all Muamar Gadaffi is now a friend.

It is because he is Lybian. How many times have we seen America negotiate for the release of some of its guilty citizens. Yes it is not on the same scale as the Lockerbie disaster but the principle remains the same. America can get its own released but this bomber who is sick as a parrot on cyanide is requesting a compassionate release and the justice system that has him in their custody says he is ill enough to qualify for this release.

It is stupid. It is really stupid. It is sad. Totally randomly sad!