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the folly about being a foreigner

So a few weeks ago I was in South Africa and my handler decided after my requesting that he take me somewhere interesting, to take me to the Diplomats Hotel in Hollbrow. Now for those who don’t know just because the word Hotel is attached to the word Diplomats in that name, it doesnt mean that anything diplomatic is happeninbg there. I was there and I was almost torn limb by limb by prostitutes offering services. Yes it was a club/brothel.

Now that is the thing, everywhere I went people wanted to show me the real South Africa and I was like hmm, ok let’s think about that for a moment. Not that I don’t want to go deep into Alexandria but come on man, how about asking me what I am interested in.

So I was sitting in Harare at the book Cafe yesterday and I was chatting with these two friends of mine from the Netherlands and the lady lamented about how she never really went out and that the time she did go out she was taken to Chez Ntemba, which is all very well except that it is a hive for prostitution. And she was not feeling that sort of scene. Thing is, her handlers probably thought that just because she is white she wanted to see the real Zimbabwe. And I am thinking I am Zimbabwean and I don’t want to see that Zimbabwe because my reality is elsewhere.

But I guess if it aint dinghy it aint really