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the fear of the belt

The biggest asset we have in life is often attached to some sentimental value which in the grand context of things seems to have little to do with the fact of the matter. A significant section of modern society bases much of its rhetoric on the sacred bile that has been spewed from many altars on days not necessarily exclusive to Sundays.

You see my fellow boatmates if we are to call them that come from the same school of thought as myself in that we do not believe in the supposed sincerity of the dehumanised element of our being. In the words of a character on the Italian Job, ‘I trust everyone, just not the devil in them’.

It is the kinky appeal of the populist message that is so seductive. It makes what you would term on most days – again not exclusive to Sundays – a sane man run down the street with nothing on but the skin given to him screaming all manner of things in support for some ideal that is so far detached from reality it beggars not just belief but existence itself.

As I have become proficient at stepping on toes – not while dancing for that is my forte -I must insist that the world needs a bit of trouble sometimes. It needs the revolutionary awakening, the likes of which have been seen in places like Zimbabwe, Cuba and China where the common purpose is re-aligned for the sake of those who are so alien to themselves that would make prostitute seem homely in the Vatican. That is what I term the raping of the masses and the rot has to stop.

Which is why I would agree with Chairman Mao, in his little black book when he said that we should all really push for democratic dictatorship, that is strong principled leadership. At this point one of my boat mates who is a retired general has just offered a high five but I am too cool for that. But this for some people could be classified as heathen chemistry and I am sure to be threatened with an abrupt ending to my own existence. This is reminiscent of the time when as a boy, attempting to assert my independence, a reference was made to the belt either directly or by implication and my behaviour was re-aligned to the status quo. Of course that changed with defiance but the belt worked.

That aside I must say the same stern hand must be applied to my good friend Hillary Rodham Clinton who seems not to get it when the wave is clearly going the way. It’s very well to be brave but an entirely different thing to be stupid. Barack has done well and she should fold the tent and leave. Of course he could still lose this one with a gaffe of outstanding proportion but it is hard now.

You have to say she has balls though and I would hate to play rugby with her. Being beaten by a girl is not fun especially in public.