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the deserts have no roses

The biggest we have of our personalities is more to do with our standing in any society we find ourselves in. That is all that matters after all. Everything else doesnt really matter because we are simply that which the world sees us as. After all they say if we are surrounded by positive people then we will be great but we often tell ourselves that we cannot be influenced by the bad people because we know who we are… or do we?

See, this thing, that we call being ourselves has been debated by our personalities so much that the table no longer knows what to make of it. We are often challenged by events within and without ourselves by the vagaries of our own existence that we no longer know where to place ourselves unless placed.

Think of a presidential candidate. Save for the dictators who themselves, it can be argued, need some sort of consensus and approval from sufficiently cruel individuals so as to maintain their positions, a candidate will generally need the approval of a group of people in order to consider himself, somewhat presidential. Thus he never really sees himself outside that realm.

An interest of mine saoid she felt a bit pathetic but she was a legend elsewhere and I was not puzzled really. We are more interesting to other people that we are to ourselves.

The desert may be great to look at with all its vast tracts of this or the other, but it is no bed of roses I will the you that. If the roses are there, the thorns have not been cut out…