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the day they left their knives at home

They left the knives at home and African diplomacy came out teh victor. I almost cried when I heard the news. Sanctions and threats of sanctions and the mounting fear of the unknown for this southern African nation.

Two village headmen had been jostling for the chieftainship and friends, family and foe had been making calls. And finally this beautiful picture. The two shaking hands.

We had wet dreams about this believing it as never going to be possible But today Zimbabwe looks a bit better and I can see the children live in the whisper of that hope they had almost forgotten about.

I can’t contain myself. Maybe, just maybe, there is chance. This is an agreement to talk but with Thabs saying in two weeks they will have an agreement you can’t help but feel wildly optimistic.

Africa is ours. We have spoken. We have a moment that belongs to us. This is supreme… Waffling but bloody brilliant