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the day before zimbabwe changes

It is one day before Zimbabwe says that they have a Prime Minister for the first time in about 22 years. Back then the current President Robert Mugabe held that post until the signing of a Unity Accord with PF ZAPU leader, Joshua Nkomo.

Now that is the history lesson aside but what does this really mean for the people of Zimbabwe. The realities are not quite defined but it will hopefully mean hat political talk will not be so widespread as it was before. It had become too commonplace among the masses, the majority pretending to be experts on matters that they knew astoundingly little about and therefore becoming the consummate rumour mongers.

Whatever happens many things are going to change and even members of the intelligence community are saying that things are already undergoing a dramatic reconstruction. And if things are going on there then surely it must mean that something will change for the commoners.

Of course one must not be so quick as to forget the sharp differences that exist between these two groups. But that said as one member of the MDC said to me in Saturday the choices were limited. And that is where Zimbabwe finds itself right now. This or really nothing else.

But let us not underestimate the position that has been reached. These two groups – at least publicly would not dare to be seen talking to each other. They were so far from each other that this day seemed as impossible as anything as anything you can imagine.

So if they can decide to at least give it a go, then there must be something to it.
Because if not, then what else?

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