the curse of being the Governor of the Reserve Bank in a certain Southern African Country

This has to rank as the longest title in history of this blog.

Today everyone hopes he has a good day because if he has a good day then everyone else might have a good day. There is a lot of faith in him even if the masses haven’t particularly liked what he has said before.

The question is what is he going to say today and what it all means. But the reality of it all is until he has spoken then any speculation is almost metaphysical because it has nothing to do with facts as we don’t know them.

But that is the curse isn’t it? Even if he comes up with the most benevolent proposals today loads of sharks will find ways of circumventing them so that the masses remain screwed. Screwed both ways. And it is almost daft if you ask me because this is not fun at all. At some point he has to go directly for some of those sharks even the ones covered by the umbrella of institutional prejudice.

That said I at least for a few days, there will be confusion and threats and threats of more threats. The word revalued returns to vocabulary and next year at the same time – unless GNU has something interesting to say – we have another zero slashing exercise.

Maybe we could make it an annual holiday…