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the church thing? don’t really care

So across the world, on Sundays, sometimes every other day you can think of Christians as they would like to call it engage in the custom of attending a ritualistic weekly assembly they like to call church. In all their various colours they claim a right to God and denouncing those of a different faith, very often others who call themselves Christians as well.

Now I am not about to go into the whole doctrine thing just in case there is a Christian version of what Sulman Rushdie is having to deal with. Mind you, you don’t go around penning a book called the Satanic verses and not expect to have a few people interested in severing your head clean off your neck. It comes with the territory.

I usually have conversations with church people – one of whom is currently most beloved to me – and it goes a bit like this.

Me: Oh you go to church then..
Church Goer(from here to be known as CC): Yeah!
Me(with disinterested look on face): Oh cool
CC: And you?
Me: Nah. Church is not my thing
CC(with shocked look on face like i just stole money or somebody’s wife): Whatt’s wrong with you? (followed by some lecture or the other about how Jesus is this or the other.

You see I am ok with fundamentalists and their ilk doing what they need to do as long as they leave me alone. You dig? I mean like you get told that you are going to hell, or to death by infinity squared if you dont turn to where they want you to turn yeah?

But then I don’t look at them with the expression of one whose very existence has become untenable do i? Liberalism is gay, yes, because it does not tolerate the conservative, but that is a matter for an entirely different discourse.

For now I will have darts shot at my eye by the run-of-the-mill bag-eyed fundamentalist because it makes them feel better. And me? I just don’t care.

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