the chimes of freedom

The state of mind of most people nowadays is grossly embarrassing based on what one would call suspended records and memories.

I have things just like any other man for which I am duty-bound to apologise unequivocally and at least feign meaning it for the sake of preacher-peddled pulpit postured penitence offered as a dish every week on a day of choice for the supposed ministry.

The arrogance of course of human beings is often the cause of much derision. Alarm and despondency in the masses. Let the rank file bleed from their hearts while the chew on the bile of bubble gum made from the bones of the children.

But that is pure bile in itself because it is the schizophrenic search for freedom.

Nowadays we have a generation that has become more and more stupid so how on earth will they hear the chimes of freedom and take them for what they mean. And even if they come to understand them will they be able to find their way to the living waters.

But I am looking at the bottom of the wishing well