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the case of the NGO cache

So then the thing that is happening now. You know? That thing that they call the Government of National err, yeah that thing. Yeah well it has gotten a bit complicated for the NGO people because the money is about to dry up

So they have to become more creative and come up with other reasons to start new things to get money. You have a whole lot people arranging a lot of events now and giving them weird terms such as workshops and festivals and conferences and spending copious amounts of money on these things. It is a bit tired I will tell you that. What can I say? It isn’t the easiest being me is it?

I mean how do people get so out of step it becomes a but silly. You have to think about the dangerous zone that you get into cause you get into the little black book yeah? And alas you don’t need the little black book. There is no real direction is there? And what do I care? I am just the simple version of me making scars where there was peace before. What do I do

I am not sure but when I wake up tomorrow, it will be great, maybe. Oh gosh I have gone, so off-topic

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