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the case of the ex

So it is common cause that people get into relationships and then get out because that is the way things happen. You liked her once then you found out that she had a serious case of halitosis or she snored really loud that she was really horrible in bed and you moved on. What the fuck? Shit happens.

So anyway as it happens the thing they call the ex happened upon me this past weekend. I was walking and boom she enters with what I assume to be her new squeeze. I smile and wave, politely and she does so in a way that seemed to indicate she was hoping for a bigger reaction than that.

So what did I do? I was like yeah whatever. I was alone so let her feel as if she has won. Except she is staring at me and I have no idea. Hmm, hello she is like hello some more and she seems to wat to spend minutes with me and I am thinking why the fuck? Of course new beau is super-irritated by the fact that, ah well u know what? And I am like what do u do when they do that? And why does she that.

Yeah she was a good screw but surely she needs to be trying to show off her new situation. But guess what? She is still a good screw

  • PJ

    lol lol

  • Capricorn

    never as good as yesterday.. as the first.. or even perhaps the -ex- will qualify. thats why tomorrow always watches her back- the ghost of yester- the phantom of the ex will grimly reap… reason of the sort morphes into the case of the ex