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the bricks are thrown back at them

The dream within a dream might just come through as the two populist protagonists might just sit at that table and have a chat about fixing the country.

I will tell you that the shotgun blues are taking over a few too many people. It’s the psychology of the whole nation at stake and the change is almost at a state of permanence. You see, if there is no real solution soon, then the two will become irrelevant and something else will overtake the whole process.

We have many ideas and thoughts about what we think needs to be done and trust me the theories abound but at the end of the day it has to be about the people otherwise it matters not one bit. We have to make sure that whatever happens the people have to be the main beneficiaries.

Now having said that, the political dispensation has to come to some conclusion. The masses have had enough politics and they are none the wiser because as all masses are they are driven by pop culture and they don’t even know who they really like. Today it’s 100 and the next day it’s mo… I mean what the hell? And it is all because it doesnt make sense anymore