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the boat may have been stolen

There is a common convenience that is incumbent with human behaviour that I find most amusing. A young man I had not seen in almost five years suddenly reappeared and in the course of the question I asked him what was new in his life and without preparation gave me this awkward answer: Nothing.


How does a young man or woman for that matter of supposed able body live through 1826 days and not have any changes to talk about? Easy, it seems. Because in his opinion the facts are boring and the reality not mischievous enough. Ergo he has achieved nothing.

But that has nothing to do with the missing boat but more to do with why the boat may be perceived to be missing when everyone knows that there possibly was no boat to start with. You see for there to be something to be stolen there must be a form of attachment and in this instance when everything depends on vehicles more than anything else, we wonder whether what we think so important is that important after all. In other words is the boat relative to what we think is pivotal at that time.

I remember a time when fact was more important than opinion. It was incumbent upon newspapers and things of that nature to report accurately and not so much their take on the situation. That having been said even my existence has now become a matter of dispute as it is based on opinion more than anything else.

I subscribe to a school of thought that demands clarity and train of thought that is consistent. And the thing that remains constant is indisputable fact. However that in itself is subject to debate so where does that leave us. Nowhere and like the boat drifting somewhere into the distance.

Just as well, the boat was stolen by the crew on it… And the young man to whom nothing happens in life isn’t on it!

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