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testing the waters for time

And then there was time. I mean the beginning of it all and not in the sense of there being a beginning in the sense of the existence of God. But time to be whatever you want to be, space wherever you wntr it to be… and religion in shape and form…

You see today I will not write to you about the obvious state of the world but the subtle difference between moving, walking and running. That however depends on whether that captures my attention for long enough before i roll myself into a ball and hope to whatever form out there that when i open up, i won be dead.

Because death is only one step away and that step is often so close to the edge that you don’t realise it. This could be my last blog ever and you wouldn’t know it. I could walk out iof this room and across the street to chicken inn and get stabbed to death, get hit by a car, or suffer from the unlikely event of a heart attack?

Tragic? Maybe.

But who is watching?

Because it is nothing but movement in a solid direction. The stupefied and yet glorified ignorance of the masses on friday if they say allah and saturday or sunday if they say god. And somewhere one has declared war on me because of what they term blasphemy. I must be killed. And woe must be the child who calls me dad. And that there should never be a woman who will lie in my bed every night and give me the peace of a thousand nights.

Does it feel stupid but I am moved and yet never closer because the direction doesnt make sense

Or do you think these are the gentle rants of a raving lunatic, wishing that this wasn’t some sort of big joke,

Because no matter what you believe, it is you know…

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