Temporary Tattoos A Hit On Day 1 Of #HIFA2015

For those who would not dare to go under the needle, a temporary ink tattoo might be your best suit.


Temporary tattoos at HIFA 2015

Today, tattoos look like a fashion trend to adopt.

Supermodels are today wearing tattoos famous will be Kate Moss who spots an anchor.

Just like we get bored with an old cell phone, car or any other piece of fashion wear, tattoo designs also come and go and you wouldn’t want to be stuck to that old design.

Some find permanent tattoos a real life marriage that they are not willing to commit.


Enter the world of temporary tattoos.

This fashion accessory has surely developed really quickly in 2015.

It is quickly becoming a hit on the aisle and on the runway. Very big fashion industry players have already started investing in temporary tattoos as they launch skin art editions.

Fashion lovers have already started experimenting with the new phenomenon here at HIFA.

According to Portia who works at SKINK the company that is doing the designs, a temporary tattoo can last up to two weeks but you can’t scrub it when showering.

This is a good dress rehearsal as you can assess how it looks before committing to permanent ink.

Come over to HIFA and try it out with our team on Wednesday going forward. We promise to try it. We really do… It is no pain right.

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