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teaching a dog new tricks

so in addition to stripping them of their predatory instincts (the one thing that matters the most to their kind) and leaving them with no clue what prey or hunting is’ America is now forcing mans oldest friend to walk down that same sad perilous gastronomic path which they have walked.

There are a lot of obese dogs walking around in America waddling along next to their fat overweight pathetic masters. At this rate in the year 2050 dogs (if we will still call them that )will just be GMO stuffed slobs of lard which just sit around waiting to be fed and for impending death caused by the repercussion of their eating habits.In the year 2050 it will be hard to tell who the child or the pet is because all the dogs fur would have fallen away from eating over processed food, and their jaw line would have adjusted to resemble the human jaw line because they will have no use or such a jaw line and no use for their great sense of smell ,both will be slouching on the couch with remote control in one hand and pumpkin pie in another.In the year 2050 all dogs will now walk on two feet just like their famous cousin FAITH the dog.

i don’t own a dog myself i think they are just too much effort you cant have women and a dog in your life both demand huge amounts of effort , to be honest i think its a toss between the two and i wouldn’t want the women in my life to suffer neglect because of a canine but my concerns are real surely before i die i need to leave an indelible mark, a legacy something my off springs will be proud of.
i feel i need to do something significant before i die like to stop imminent doom for the only other species we are so close to not even our other family members the chimpanzees are this close to us so because of my high moral obligation that bears heavy on me i have decided to be the voice of the voiceless.
I’m sending a letter of concern to Hillary who by the way i believe should be in the white house ( what man wouldn’t want her to win after all the things she has done for us she stood right by her man and showed all her sister’s how a woman should behave by forgiving one of our brothers when temptation came his way she forgave him for what other women would have been quick to label as high treason you know who I’m talking about those “I’m a real woman”i used to be married but i anint gota man now” those gay rights activists who have make believe sex and imagine they are with this imaginary handsome Adonis when in fact they are with a woman .

unlike my other friend who paddles this boat with me who seems not to realise the positive precedence she has set for preserving our manhood who does not see the hard work she put in, the foundation is set one day we wont be asked where or who we were with … unlike him
i think all men of the world owe it to Hillary so for me shes my man.
Besides she seems to know and seems interested in all the health care stuff so when she is president she can include health care insurance for dogs in her health care policy seeing that i will be asked to give her advise because of my genius for bringing this serious issue to the fore i will also advise her to also impose a $10 000 fine on all states to any master who does not watch their dogs weight or for not taking the dog to the gym or for not buying the dog food or subscribing for a dog diet all of which Hillary, Bill and chelsea and i will franchise serious offenders in and around the crime prone Martin Luther King Boulevard in Jersey City may face 50 to life if found guilty for breaking this law and so life will go on normally in the land of the free.

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    i cannot believe you put a woman and a pet-a dog at that on the same level…either you have a dog or woman? thats the greatest insult you obviously have a bitter twang somewhere where the female species is concerned. wat are yo issues with women dude? Hillary clinton is woman, her downfalls and achievements are a woman’s. deal with it.