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talks pause – the 3 mob view

Thabo Mbeki probably came to Zimbabwe under the guise of talks and then spent the long weekend here. After all he did spend time here during the apartheid area so he is well aware of the holidays here.

Well that is the joke aside.

The talks are supposed to have been completed by now and the celebration of a new Zimbabwe gathering pace. But at this point we are not sure if we are further from a conclusion than before.

You have people claiming all types of sources – everyone has one of those in Zimbabwe – claiming some sensational rumour or the other. One said that the two exchanged really harsh words, one calling the other puppet and the other hitting back calling him a murderer resulting in the alleged puppet running out and calling the talks dead. The person then tells the story that the mediator even ran out after him to the car. Of course the press missed all this because they were smoking weed somewhere.

In all fairness I think the rumour mill defines the shape and form of a real crisis because the absense of a credible information platform is killing the masses. That is why all types of rumours abound and the panic runs through.

My view? They are closer than the media makes them to a deal. They will be done soon.

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