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tales of desperation? not in Zimbabwe

One big problem after another it happens to be in Zimbabwe. Walk into a Zimbabwean shop nowadays and just about every product is priced in US Dollars. That facility that was supposed to be for importers is now well working the locals as well.

Hey did you know that if you wanted Zimbabwe products you need to go to SA to get them. Oh not just SA but Botswana and Zambia and Mozambique. Oh they have bags of it there.
And you wonder why there is loads of hunger here. Which means that the number of gold diggers is going to rise exponentially. Oops that already happened didn’t it? I mean let;s face it if a girl must survive in this environment she must have someone who funds their lifestyle.
It’s much harder for a bloke although i have a friend who got an odd request the othe day while driving in town. Well he wasn’t driving in town but he had just stopped somewhere to handle business and some woman calls him and says that she wants to be screwed and not later but there and then. When I say call him I mean right there and then not on the fone but in person. She didnt know him from a bar of soap but she saw him and wanted to get screwed.
He played along for a bit and when he saw how serious she was when she was in his car he backed off. Kinda weirdly and fantastically scary. I mean he was like I dont have rubbers and that didnt seem important to her at the ime.
She wanted to meet later and that didnt happen. Sjhe looked monied too so ah well… Maybe if he can hide it from his wife he could be her gold digger.