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taking to blue ice to ice that’s blue

You must know that at some point in time the things that you own are really yours and that you merely are a temporary custodian with minimal rights. At some point you really don’t have any rights and are merely a punchline in a long-winding rhetoric.

The biggest asset you think you might have is the thing that often holds you back. You run forward but you really are running back. It’s worse than pissing into the wind because it makes no sense living life like you are teasing a lion with the prospect of perhaps beating in a friendly game of paw wrestling while listening to a rendition of the lion sleeps tonight,

You see while the lion sleeps the lioness has decided that you are made of really good texture of flesh and she has a family to feed.

Now then you have to see that the expectations change because the ground rules are never the same or at least as cleat. I have become a fan of this great woman called Hilalry Clinton. Sure she sponsored the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act along with Barack’s new best friend Joe Biden (can’t resist the temptation to call him Joe Budden) for which I will find it hard to forgive them because of teh nature of the act but I am a fan of her character. She has real power and it’s not up for debate. She is the perfect wife. And the perfect person to run life on every level. She will compete with you but she will elevate you rather than try to bring you down. Classy.

Now readers of this blog will be a little astounded by the huge turnaround. I have always been seen as one of her fiercest critics but what can I say? It’s politics

Blue ice just turned to ice that’s blue…

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