Stunner Debuts Live Set And Here Is What We Think

Zimbabwean rapper Stunner stepped out of the comfort zone of the backtrack to a full live set at Book Cafe on Wednesday.

Dubbed Stunner Unplugged which is weird because it was a fully plugged set the show was always going to be a strange experience for audience and the artist.

Stunner’s skill as a performer goes without question and judging from yesterday’s performance yesterday the set introduced new elements to his act. The fact that he could do more on stage with word-play than on a set backtrack did well for him. It made it easy for him integrate Nox and Synik who were at the show into his performance.

There were times it was a bit, well, different. He had skilled session musicians with him but there were moments when the trust went a bit out the window and down Samora Machel and ending up at Longchen Plaza. You know how weird it is when the performance looks something like weird first night sex between two virgins. That is something he will have to get a hold of as a front man, where he leads the band like an orchestra even when he is not facing them.

What he did get right was his ability to be audible. Most rappers don’t know how to do that with a live set.

We think he should kick on with this. Stunner says he will always do backtracks but he this live band set gives him options.

Surprise of the night: Stunner did a lot of singing. It is not quite Prayersoul but it is sufficient enough to be entertaining. He can hold a note.

Stunner’s lyric of the night: There are many of those. One was hanzi ndakarambwa nenyaya yemadhudhucha…  Ndawana umwe musikana nenyaya yemadhudhucha. 

Akward Moment of the Night: There was that awkward moment of the Night when legendary poet Chirikure Chirikure who asked Stunner to perform  Life YemuGhetto because he  was so ‘touched’ by it tried to go on stage to perform with him a poem he had written down on  napkin. Stunner wouldn’t let him. Probably because Stunner didn’t know who he was.

Who was there?  It was quite a roster. Filmmakers Joe Njagu, Rufaro Kaseke and Wanisayi Chigwedere. Leonard Mapfumo, Cindy Munyavi, Nox, Daves Guzha, Zaza Ndlovu to name a few.

Check out the full audio interview with Stunner coming soon.

  • To see more of these ‘unplugged’ hip hop shows would be a thrill!