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stock market rallies, old mutual rate goes ballirtics

So today thanks to my trusted somebody I got the news from the stock market. Old Mutual was up again and TA was up as well

And while the trading rate for the US in cash today was about 250 million the old mutual rate was about 650 million. Only at the  end of the day today, the rate was about 1.25bln
You see what used to happen is that traders used to follow that but it is just becoming a bit impossible now because you will simply price yourself out of the market. Imagine going into a shop and you are charged billions of dollars for something that is well, worth two dollars. It’s ridiculous.
And it is primarily because the market and the system simply doesnt have that much money. It doesnt and that is a fact. It is the demented touch of a raving lunatic on the system that is making things so worthless here in Harare. The rate at which inflation is blowing the United States Dollar is amazing to say the list. I just got a quater the other day as change… 
Well that’s that