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State of Emergency in Zimbabwe

There is no food for the masses

Most things are charged in United States Dollars even though the masses do not get that much
There are numerous rates for currency that keep squeezing as much as they can out of the masses. 
Most kids are not going to school.
Hospitals are virtually closed
Businesses are lost somewhere between trying to get some food on the table and profiteering
You see this is not me being pessimistic. No I am fiercely optimistic about this country but the realities that are on the ground are affecting too many people. The leaders living in the comfortable ambiances don’t seem to understand it. 
In fact they should not really bother. We are already living in a state of emergency here.
  • Bella

    darling,you’re the most optimistic person i know, so wen i see a post like this….
    anyway, an emergency to the world is when they see bodies piling up, blood on the streets, a war zone. unfortunatly, ours is a quietish one, and you’re right, almost everything has broken down – education, financial services, health services, and we’ve been saying it gets worse before it gets better since last year – even before. what the hell?