South African Women March Against Sexism

At exactly two o’clock this afternoon, a group of women will start marching in the Johannesburg CBD against sexism. The protests have been dubbed  “The  miniskirt protests.”

The march was organized by the ANC Women’s League and is supported by the Congress of SA Trade Unions. South Africa’s minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities Lulu Xingwana will also take part to show her support. We are not yet sure if the good minister will wear a miniskirt.

The march comes after two women at the Noord Street Taxi Rank in central Johannesburg were assaulted by a mob of men, their crime…. wearing short skirts.

Marching in protest may to some degree, raise awareness of women rights, but we think the issues of sexual harassment are much deeper than meets the eye. Trying to change peoples’ thinking may take more than one protest march.

Taxi ranks tend to have a lot of incidences of sexual crime, we think that more police presence to control rowdy crowds of men; would help women to move more freely without fear of being assaulted .

The fact of the matter is that some men should just grow up and be mature in their behavior towards women. Other men may need the encouragement of stiffer jail sentences.

As for today’s miniskirt protest  we are sure many men will line up the streets of Joburg.