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soon and very soon.. .we are going to…

The basic things you will be taught when doing skateboarding is to kick, push and coast. The rest is all down to balance.

The business of politics often is about coasting. The kick and push are timed so that they have impact so that the coasting period lasts for as long a period as possible. It’s called the manipulation of the masses.

You see it is completely unimportant what the noble picture is. It is all about perceptions. The man can be a weed-smoking fornicator and it would not matter if the impression given is that he is cool when he does that.

The sad thing is people are getting advice from the wrong place. You see, there is a precedence that is like death to the masses that permeates their thinking, that says you can get what you need witho8t really working for it.

Cause they covered the part where you kick and push and they show the coasting