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societal dictates

it is important to communicate isn’t it? in whatever fashion of course, permissible at that, to be accurate. so thats what social dynamics dictate, thats what makes the girl next door feel secure because she can’t really handle misinterpretations and the consequential embarrassment manifested in assumptions. but has the pecking order fashioned it that way? does it follow that if the g-n-d realizes life is not a stepford wife baked birthday cake- you don’t always need to fetch the cake knife, you don’t need to not lick your fingers because ‘they’ are watching and courtesy claims precedence- then wisdom is relegated to forwardness? simply put which flow does ‘first’ take? what ebb does ‘first’ assume?
i let a woman take the lead today… initiative encouraged… she put in a lot of courage but the harder she tried to be the brave one the less of a brave face she could hold- so lay in the tragedy- her best mate “comes to the rescue” but she doesn’t communicate that. she makes the fatal assumption… i seen me the pecking order in that instant. from a stranger i was thrust a rung above the best mate. i in my minimal wisdom and infinite curiosity asked the simple question, ” does this mean you…” point is i felt the only way to rescue a memorable experience was verbalize. i had the urge to communicate.
girl next door decided to get the cake knife after that episode… tragic when society and the pecking order connive in that manner…