rusting iron….

so last week the former heavyweight champion of the world was given two days air time by the talk show queen, as i watched i could not help feel sorry for the guy, he sounded pitiful as he bared his soul to the world with sobs and tears. he spoke about his not so enviable past that we all know of, but this time there was a certain finality to it, i don’t know whether i prefer that arrogant bastard that we once knew or this man now trying to walk the straight and narrow.we all loved his bad boy attitude and we encouraged his outrageous acts and he gave us a lot to talk about now he seems to be in a very cold place,The way he sounded was like a man who is making peace with everyone before he bows out,hes has a very innocent almost naive demeanor about him, you know those blocks when the make a mistake the make it wholeheartedly it really left me with an eerie feeling i will end with a phrase he repeated each time before answering any question ” i don’t know”

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