Roles Reversed Between Portugal And Angola

It’s no secret that most European countries are on financial Skid Row; financial dire straits are exactly what they are in. Portugal one of the hardest hit seems to have found a solution. They have taken out their begging bowl and headed straight to Angola its former colony for help.

Portugal is encouraging Angola to make investments in the European country to try and help it out of the economic doldrums that it finds itself up to the neck in. Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos said his country is ready to help former colonial ruler Portugal by pouring some Angolian petroldollars into the Portugese economy.

If there was ever a situation where the saying that goes “be good to the people you meet on you way up” this is one case you can use to teach the morale to you children.

It’s as if Karma is slapping Portugal on the face, having them to swallow their pride and making them beat a path to their former colony in order save their economy. Angola the former slave in now the master and probably the only hope left for Portugal.

While Angola is being kind to its former oppressors we encourage them to carefully read the small print on any agreements they sign and sleep with one eye open.

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