Rick Ross Seizures: Claims of His Death Made

Rapper Rick Ross suffered two seizures last Friday. People were busy twittering and gossiping about Ross dying this weekend. Even Rick’s Wikipedia profile had claimed the rapper had died. However Wikipedia later changed this profile when more current reports confirmed he was still alive.

William Leonard Roberts II, better known as Rick Ross triggered best wishes from fans and fellow artists and among those well wishers were fellow rappers Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Lil Wayne, who all said they were praying for the artisit. We think Rick Ross needs gym class once in a while. Infact Gym class and less cocaine may be what he actually needs.

Meanwhile TMZ reports Tone Loc collapsed on stage during a performance in Atlanta last Saturday night. Loc was popular in the 90s for crossover rap hits such as Wild Thang and Funky Called Madina.

We shall keep you posted on developments.