Rhodes Has Fallen

The offending statue of brutal colonialist and mass murderer Cecil John Rhodes has finally been removed the University of Cape Town.

Cecil John Rhodes looking over Cape Town
This is now history!barbourians / Foter / CC BY-SA


Students celebrated when they saw the monument being taken down. It will now be taken away fro safe-keeping.

Why wouldn’t they? Black students got a white system to sit down, talk and start making concessions.

Prominent blogger Joe Rudzvidzo on his site rustygate.org summed it up by saying:

It is okay to remember our history, but we don’t need to maintain monuments to it. Rhodes was a mass murderer and a land thief; that is not in question. We had to fight actual wars to rid ourselves of the legacy of Cecil John Rhodes and his cronies.

Decolonising the mind is not an event, it is a process. A part of this process is removing the notion that the alabaster master is inviolate.

Just one more thing – if you think “there are bigger issues” than a statue to “focus” on, that’s your choice. Please proceed to focus on those bigger issues, or anything else you feel is worthy of your attention.

It is a victory for Africa, a beginning a renaissance and it started with  a couple of students believing in what was right and standing for it.

It all started with Chumani Maxwele and his excrement  on the statue in March. Now it is gone.

Will Livingstone be the next to fall? Can we dare?