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repetition can be stupid…

Barack Obama has just gone and recreated the Clinton years and even gotten his wife on board. You wonder who the new Lewinsky is because a lot of what is going on is way too familiar. You wonder what spell the poor bloke is under and what he needed to fix that led to him bringing Hillary on board.

Of course on substance I think Hillary would have made a better president but come on man, secretary of state. She voted for the war remember? Isn’t that like a fundamental flaw in foreign policy. But then again is he really choosing the cabinet or did the bloke have a few deals done to get him there that he has to pay for? I wont speculate because next thing, I have a few CIA agents crawling up my arse looking for bugs.

And the news coming out of Harare is getting more and more grim by the moment because now death and disaster are real. real people dealing with real and ugly issues. You get what i mean?
But somewhere in between there was an article by the Zambian post about Tsvangirai pushing his luck a bit too far and what with Cde Thabo’s letter having censured him and by extension publicly then I would really hate to be him right now.

But that is the repetitive sin that is performed like an art these days. And you just wonder what the next turn might be. Because we love it dont we? It is dead stupid and it feels so brilliant.

But it is our obsession.

Tsvangirai has alienated people that at worst sympathised with him by obsessing about the west. It used to be something that was often shouted from the hills of the Kopje in Harare but has become almost common cause with the African brothers. He has skillfuly managed to box himself into a corner where he could easily become a Savimbi. He doesnt realise the way Africa now does not want to be aligned to the west. Hell the west doesnt really want to align itself to itself right now.

Well it is stupid. It is repetition

  • mrfoxx

    Young man, how can you say Morgan is gonna become another Savimbi? The contexts within which the two men operated/operate are completely different. Savimbi was a product of the Cold War through and through, when idealogical differences between communists and westerners determined conflicts across the globe. It seems you actually believe the constant drivel (labelled “news”) spewed by the state media and here i was thinking how can any informed person believe such nonsense. Some of your contributions clearly show you a fervent Zanu Pf supporter (in the same mould as Charamba, Ceasar Zvayi, Mahoso etc)who believes Mugabe and his cronies must own the country because they happened to lead in the liberation movement. This is not about the west, this is about a bunch of evil former freedom fighters who refuse to give up power nomatter how bankrupt of ideas they are. I believe no sane person would support Bob using reason as the sole determinant of that choice. Then again, reason is not the sole criterion of truth especially in Africa where Africans kill, rape and murder fellow Africans in the seemingly unending quest to remain in power. Given the chance i bet you would instantly become just like these sychophantic praise singers in the State press and the worrying thing is you actually appear, at least at first, to be an informed person. Look around and see just how poorly your country has been run into the ground by these Zanu Pf vermin. If you can’t see what is immediately so plain right before your very eyes God help us if you ever become a leader of any sort.

  • cleopas

    it is a shame to see someone thinking that President Tsvangirai will be the next Savimbi. your contributions shows that are are not informed at all, i can see that you read Herald a lot and it is very unfortunate for someone like you, and i guess you are in Zimbabwe. thats all i can say. remeber Tsvanngirai won the election by more than 70 pc and it was announced as 47 pc thus why Mugabe prefers people to die because he knows that know one likes him anymore

  • 3Men On a Boat

    I find your populist views amusing at best.
    The cold war is just officially over but unofficially it is still on. Russia and China are sitting on one side and the west on the other. Now a third player has come in and that is Africa and is gaining power.

    The war at home has nothing to do with democracy. the spoils are the souls of Zimbabwe.