Real Housewives of Atlanta Filming In South Africa

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the American reality television arrived in South Africa to shoot a few episodes.

We have mixed emotions about this. On one hand we understand why our brothers the South Africans would want the loud mouthed ladies from Atlanta to be in Cape Town. It does make sense from a business point of view.

The show coming to South Africa means parts of the country will be profiled on the show, the whole world will see and that has the potential to boast tourism.

The downside is that shows Real Housewives, like most so-called reality shows, and come with no cultural value. We see little to be gained from following the lives of people who are trying hard to live lifestyles which everyone in their home towns know is not real.

Yet everything in life is not meant to be taken seriously so we will leave those that enjoy watching the brain-numbing show to do so knowing it is being filmed much closer to home.

We are sure a lot of people are happy about The Real Housewives of Atlanta filming in South Africa, as for us lets just say we are not exactly doing cartwheels