police blitz on criminals in the Avenues

Seems as if there was a bit of pressure from the powers that be from Central Police Station because there was a blitz on criminal activity this past week from Zimbabwe’s boys in blue(and brown).

It was refreshing to see them run after those undesirables and that sort of thing. The only unsightly thing that I did see was one instance in which two criminals were having a go at one of their own and a policeman just stood and watched. The crims accused him of having stolen a phone but it was from a source of mine all about territory. He had come over and stolen something from outside his territory and they were there to teach him a lesson about life.

Well the policeman was just standing there and having a laugh. And that is who is supposed to be protecting us from the scum on the street.

Michael Jackson’s memorial service is on tomorrow. I am a little scared. Don’t know why.