pizza and coke, the trends that never change

In fact to that headline you could easily add a pair of jeans because some things never change. Give me jeans and t-shirt in the back of beyond in time and now, and unless you have j-lo’s ass then noone really looks at you. Oops by the way she is not really called J Lo anymore is she. Now she has grown up and she is called Jennifer Lopez. Why not the name of that pointless husband of hers? Why not? Huh? Mind you a female friend who is as straight as well, the straightest thing out there thinks J Lo is the most beautiful woman in the world. We have ordered a pair of prescription glasses for her by the way.

So back to the things that don’t change. Speaking of change have you heard the news about that bloke called Tsvangirai who is all about change and yet he is going the way of the old school.
Oh we are talking about the things that never change. yes those things. they annoy at times you see… The decisions and what happens after wards. 
The errors of men never change really. Never ever change
  • Bella

    of course some things never change, its a ceaseless cycle. it’s just how we approach the unchanging trends that differ, sometimes we are indifferent, other times we are indignant, but mostly we’re enduring and tolerant. i see no change, except the downward slope of our everyday lives. depressing, but hey, we’re zimbos and thats how we do. we live. day. by. day.

  • 3Men On a Boat

    well you dont have to be that deranged. It is just the repetition of the errors. Almost status quo.. IT feel safe in a strange way