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pink toenails and soft feathers… freddie and fannie just got hooked up

Now from the first time i heard those two names together I knew something was up and when Hank the US treasure secretary and decided that they would form a form of union under the tutelage of the state then I knew my suspicions were founded.

You see the new face of socialism came into place. This was baiuling out bad business and awarding it space and time. The privatision of profits and as for the losses, let the taxman deal with that.
You see, I would not have had a problem with that if it was helping the poor folks. Also if this was a government taking over administration and then selling the company back when it was back in health but this is straight out of a North Korean handbook. The socialist system that America has been preaching as the evil that begets humanity has set in. And just you wait until Zimbabwe or someone does it and they will be called retrogressive and all other names that can be substituted for barbarians.
That said you have to say that Palin and Obama’s statements were at best poor on the matter. 
Makes you wonder if either of them has any answers.
Maybe they will just join the union and throw in some window dressings and Miss Mae might just found out how to use her fannie and Freddie’s mac will return. 
What can I say? That was an open shot!