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picking a half-eaten apple from the devil’s pocket

David Lloyd George once said that there was nothing so fatal to character as half finished tasks. Of course as is the norm all statesmen are the masters of half-finished tasks and they call it being a visionary. They start something which will be borne by future generations.

That said it is not only they who are often guilty of this rather embarrassing misnomer and then put it down to some sort of cause or the other that makes us pout our lips and sing praises to something or the other.

Of course there isn’t as much a rush for this line of thought as there is a call for a boycott by the hypocrites of the west who want to dodge the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Look, if you are George, err Bush, then let’s face it, if you decided to give the Beijing fan fare a miss, then you don’t really have to deal with it because you are not up for election. Let Obama or McCain deal with it come January. Oh… there is that woman Hillary who doesn’t seem to amaze with the number of gaffes she is mounting. She might still get elected even if all the superdelegates go to Obama. She will just go the way of some southern African country and call for a re-run of the whole process.

But I digress because this is not about the egos of men and women who spend their lives fantasising about the grandeur of having a hold over the others by having themselves installed into positions of higher office. This is to do with the everyday person who leaves a loan for his kids that they will spent half their adult life paying for; those who leave sins that others have to pay for and for women, the men who leave the toilet seats up.

Of course the fatality is never proportional. I am told of the story of a man who was killed for a half eaten apple…

  • Kudalove

    Well, a thought, is it really retribution when karma comes back to haunt those who dont even know what the sin they are paying for is? And who said life is fair anyway,.. but in all essence, we should finish what we started and noone should be punished for someone else’s procrastinations…