Osama-Obama-Drama is a Nuisance

The world this morning woke up to what is now officially an Osam Bin Laden-less world. United States President Barack Obama spoke for about 20 minutes about he had ordered an attack resulting in the death of the Al Qaeda leader.

Response has been mixed and very few in the rest of the world actually thought this was interesting enough to be an obsession of the news channels.

Then there are those who don’t think he is dead at all.

You see the fountain of goodwill that is afforded the United States when it comes to matters is slow. The trust deficit means that whenever they say something it is treated with suspicion by people and before you knew it there was proof from the blogosphere that proved  that an alleged photo of a slain Bin Laden was a fake.

All in all the whole situation stinks. It kinda feels convenient. It is messy. It is a bit of a PR disaster really. It is not so much in the details and the details but even they have as much credibility as the US in the Arab fundamentalist world.

It just feels as if they are running with this to take our eyes off something.

I think there is either one of two scenarios. The dude died years ago and the Americans needed to have him as an ace up their sleeve for when they wanted to play the card. After all at this time, this makes Obama look presidential and commander-in-chief-ish. And the less partisan he looks the better.

The second scenario is the dude is not dead and they have done a deal with him or something. After all he was in bad health and he had become largely symbolic as a leader of his group.

However, no matter what anyone thinks, the people the US government needs to convince have fallen for it. The American public is doing cartwheels over the ‘death’ of Bin Laden.

I don’t think any of them are thinking that they have just created a few other Bin Ladens and radicalised a few who were not fans of Al Qaeda but don’t fancy America much.

There is a lot still to happen before this plays out.

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