Ol skool music a bit overrated

Chris Rock is a funny little genius. Because he has one of those faces that make you want to burst into laughter he couldn’t make it as a politician. So he decided to be a social commentator using comedy as his medium and he does it with a ridiculous amount of skill.

In an HBO Special, Never Scared, he mentions that the rap music we tend to like is the one that rocked when we first had sex. Now there is an element of truth in that.

Same thing with old music. Maybe not so much the sex part but it is down to when we were last cool. Those were the days when we were still interesting and relevant. So we think that the old music is better than what we have now. Which is stupid cause it insults humanity. How? It says humanity gets worse by the minute. And that we have to rely on previous successes and errors to survive which is a whole bowl of vomit.