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of free internet and a beautiful smile

So the zolspot at book cafe was acting up again around mid-morning today and I really needed to get some work done. I called up someone(name withheld) and went to see them at Sopranos.

Well they had been a Book Cafe regular till recently and with the charges that are in effect for ZOLspot packages nowadays people are frequenting the hotspots less. Doesnt mean that the Book Cafe has any less people onlune but fact is the former regulars have done an elvis and left the building.

Enter Sopranos, where you can have an Italian style meal in very very, errr urbane surroundings and, wait for it – surf the internet for free for as long as you like. Yes alongside their paid-for ZOLspot service they have their own hotspot and as long as you buy something, you can surf the internet to your heart’s content.

Of course we are not talking broadband speeds here but it is enough to check your mail and do some general albeit light browsing.

And just to boot, there is a girl there with a smile that is for the ages. Oh, that smile.

  • slickytang

    yebo yes to free shit!!!
    A black mans favorite word in da world is FREE!!!