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of cheese boys and salads

American slapstick comedy will have you believe that at school level it was a commonly frowned upon thing to be smart or anything related to the matter. In effect it was not a good idea to be brilliant at anything but being bad. That was the rule of thumb and that is how things worked. Period!

And then so when I was in SA and visiting friends at Wits I found myself being referred to as cheese boy. Now for those who may not know, a cheese boy is a person who generally a little richer than everyone else and lives in the suburbs. They are considered to be the sort that are detached from reality and all that sort of thing you see. So generally, bad idea to be cheese.

Now the thing is most people, when referred to a cheese boy or girl for that matter go up in arms feeling accused and all that sort of thing yeah? I mean how dare they accuse me of being richer and all that stuff. How dare they accuse me of being successful. The nerve of those people. Gosh!

And so they stay away from the people from ekasi(the hood) cause well they are made to feel that there is something wrong with having a bit more money than others. But then some of them cheese boys are just desperate to be white by the way.

In Zimbabwe they call these salads but the difference is that in Zimbabwe they are also associated with a lack of cultural upbringing and that sort of thing. So they are white, british or american wannabes. Salad? Cause they wanna have salad for lunch.

So cheeseboy me? Jury still out on that one but salad is a bit harsh.