Obese Dogs Again…

So we now know someone reads this website  because we wrote on the alarming numbers of obese dogs one meets on the streets of America. That was three years ago and now the FDA (food and drug agency) in the USA  has finally approved a new drug from one pharmaceutical giant .

The new drug called Slentrol is a selective microsomal triglyceride transfer protein inhibitor, it is said it blocks absorption of fat and seems to control appetite in dogs. Blah blah blah …

Well here on the boat we  had a discussion going on this issue and one member pointed out  the following .If the people putting the food on the dog’s plate reduced the amount then the dog would not be obese, infact if that person learned to put less food on the dog’s plate they could also try learning to reduce food on their plate while they are at it. The issue here folks is not about food rather the issue of dicipline.

 For those who are too lazy to walk the dog or find putting the dog on a  diet  too much of a  hustle reports say the pills will sell for  $1-2. Please note there are more pet shops in New York City than baby stores, i dont blame the phamaceutical company for seeing an oportuinty to cash in on some people’s stupidity.

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