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Now Tsvangirai jumps on the bandwagon after Mugabe has gone with the horse

So the older of the wise men said a deal was close and the little grumpy fat boy didn’t say a thing.

Then the fat boy after the old man said it’s happening again, the little fat boy decided it would be nice to parrot what he said and have a big party in Harare on Wednesday since he hadn’t been to a party in a while. Mind you it is hard to get to a party these days if the older guy doesn’t fancy you much.

So then we hear that they will sign on Wednesday and some SADC troika meeting will then be moved to Harare just for the sake of the party. I knew Thabo was coming to Zim for a party and nothing else. All party of some big really hard wound scheme to boogy me thinks. Of course I am horribly wrong I will be told but let’s face it, Presidents can only boogy for real with other prezzies.

Gosh I am writing in weird form today. Must be the prospect of the party!