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news makes me money

I have to admit that I have an addiction of some sort to news. OK maybe the word addiction is a bit more hectic than the fact you see… But I spend a lot of moments watching the news. I fall asleep to the news and wake up to, yes u guessed right, the news.

And why do I watch the news? Cause it makes me money. I caught myself quite by accident watching the news and thinking hmmm, I could make money from that and by that I mean copious amounts of money. And not from business news. But I see money in things that have nothing to do with money. Well not directly anyway.

Not that I am going to go down the John Bredenkamp route and decide to be the real-life version of the Lord of War. Just for the record I am not discounting that but what the heck? I see money everywhere.

It is the onerous burden of being an entrepreneur. Well I don’t really like to think of myself as that but more like an inventor. I provoke life into a reaction and it rushes after me. Only that it goes in circles around me till it gets dizzy and falls asleep. Then I make off with the lottery.

Ah then one day I get asked why the hell was I doing that and I dont have the answer. Well I might have the answer but it could get me into a lot of trouble.