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new constitution? what constitution?

So then the so-called indaba on the forming of the new Zimbabwe constitution has started. Becoming something like Samuel Beckett play isn’t. A lot of noise but nothing happens.. again

But on the streets who actually gives a toss about the constitution? they’re more like, let them agree on something and we move on.

It is like a Roman tragedy. You might get excited about the process but if the principals don’t agree, someone dies at the end. ANd more often then not, it is the cause that dies. In this case the constitution.

Unfortunately the actions of the principals has rendered the faith of the masses dead even before the motions have been presented. There is nothing there for them so they really don’t care. And it is beyond apathy. It is a cause of annoyance.

Yes the intellectuals will argue for the constitutional process and all that other rubbish. They will tell you that the Kariba draft was a joke but noone is asking the masses what they think.

And what does the proletariat think? The intellectuals care as much for that as the masses do for their opinion. In essence this constitution might be approved at the end of the day but it is dead in the water.