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mugabe still a wily old fox

So the old fox was on CNN last night having a bit of fun with that Christiane Amanpour girl on Exclusive and had it been anybody else she would have had the interviewee down and out for the count early into the first round. That is how tough Amanpour is…

But against Zimbabwe’s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, that thorn in the side of the West she was left gasping for air.

The first half looked pretty as the two exchanged blows. Well if I was to be generous I would say it was a draw but in the second half it was a different story.

Amanpour was baited and it was a bit like watching a horror show and you’re screaming at the victim to get out of the way. They are opening the door and blam… The scream was silent but it was legendary.

Just a wee bit into the second half, the old man looked bored and Amanpour tried to make a comeback but it was much like the kid who scribbles on his shirt at the end of his last year in school. The kid feels like he is making some sort of point but he has been the bitch through the years…

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