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Mugabe says fine, Chamisa says almost fine and Mutambara says aluta continua

So Thabo is in town on holiday again and while he is at it he hopes to get the three not-so wise men from the north to like each other a bit more. Because if they don’t like each other then that little thing that is supposed to be delivered and placed in the manger down south otherwise known to most as the soccer world cup of 2010 might just not pitch up.

Of course I think regardless of whethere there is a deal or not the world cup will be here but it will do ver well for Thabz’s CV if he has GNU deal up north as a notch in his belt. And he has worked hard for it hasn’t he?

The old man, the wisest of the lot from the north says good progress has been made. The fat one didn’t want to say anything so he got one of his stooges to say there was some progress and Tuesday might be a nice day for photo opportunities. Then the computer nerd was like, well the struggle continues.

I think the opportunity was lost. It will happen but it won’t be the same.