Muammar Gaddafi Dead:But Where Are His Body Doubles?

Now that Muammar Gaddafi has been declared dead and one of his sons captured the question on some people’s minds is where his body doubles are.

It is well known that most presidents and other famous people hire look-a-likes as body doubles for security reasons. These body doubles look, talk and act like their bosses so much that it is hard to make out the difference between the two. Some of their features may be enhanced through plastic surgery. Well that’s the whole point really, so that anyone who decides to shoot they kill the wrong person.

Saddam Hussein and his two sons Uday and Qusay were all known to have body doubles. Even Muammar Gaddafi had a few for himself. Usually DNA, body markings and dental records are used to verify authenticity when claims of capture or death are made. However who’s to say if these records are authentic themselves. Another question is how come these body doubles never show up? Sure movies may be made about them but we never get to see them. As a rule we now just treat everything that happens in this world with great scepticism.

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    wouldn’t be surprise if the family paid to have this event played off globally they have the gold both solid and liquid

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    What sucks about this whole thing is that we are now hearing about how good the people had it in Libya marriage bonus land .14 gas is this for real? these leaders have become soap stars of today its sad to the evil/good guy go down.