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money making experiments need you

Guinea pigs are short-eared domesticated rodents from South America. In some tribes, the Guinea pig is revered as a gastronomic delicacy, the name may throw most of you off.. its is in no way good old Porky pig s’ distant cousin save for, the shrieks it makes. it is more like the mbeva some of you are so fond of.From the 17th century upto the 2oth century, these animals were used as models of biological experimentation which resulted in the progress in medicine that we all now benefit from .Somewhere along the line someone thought that they were cute and the animal is now a beloved pet in most western countries, and has been spared the axe. PET ?? talk about kutambisa nyama.

So anyway that is the brief history and science of the Guinea pig,but that is not to say that experiments on other species have also stopped.Take for instance the homo sapiens sapiens, yes you why you surprised ? you are part of a gigantic science lab that tests how stupid you are, and the saddest part is you don’t even know it. you are worse than the defenseless guinea pig all he could do is shriek but you just rush towards the light with your blind faith about things you know nothing of.

oh so you got a Bachelors in law or maybe a MBA or PhD in physics , so you now walk around with your all knowing nose in the air. Ok let me tell you this… those years you spent in that university were years spent on preparing your mind to be the perfect Guinea pig that you now are. Yes dont deny thats what you are, you are the subject of an experiment run by a few men who decided who you are, what you do. YOU ? a what ?? i didn’t hear that ? an individual ? now dont make me laugh… seriously.

The fact of the matter is you lack ambition, you are content with your pitiful degree that you got and didnt learn anything, you are content with the little jobs and the little titles of chief accountant and project manager that come with it, yes we know that title and the business cards we print for you are adequate to fulfill your little fantasies.You are content with the little car that we give you and those peanuts you get at the end of the month, you are contemptuous.

But its not all bad, we need people with small minds like you, yes we need you, so that you scratch your head thinking of how you will buy all the junk we throw in your face, yes get that credit, beg for that job so you can buy my MP3 my expensive shoes bags and clothes. you want to be progressive and show off that you got the latest you are a conceited imbecile, you can never be an individual , never yes look at what you wearing… now look around there are about 500 000 of you wearing that so dont talk of your individuality you do what we tell you period.

After all those are the goals we have set for your little lives, we need you to consume that is your sole purpose here.. eat bathroom eat.. thats all you do, we have managed to successfully dehumanize you into shopping and mall loving beings.

i cnt even call you a person you are a being a thing. You are as thick as a plank you dont think for yourselves tv is the gospel truth for you and pizza cakes and soda and beer your heaven. and you are a very loyal pet. And dont think that you have contributed anything to this planet you are an insignificant aspect just waiting for your turn to die, at least the Giunea pigs died to save human lives your contribution is to fill the pockets of others with money thats all.